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Buddy Greene

NMLS ID#240200
Phone: 858-309-9010
Mobile: 858-449-1961
Fax: 619-839-3743

San Diego - Touchstone Group Branch
4909 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 510
San Diego, CA 92123

Buddy Greene

Area Sales Manager

My name is Buddy Greene and I am a Mortgage Loan Originator and Area Sales Manager in San Diego, CA for Bay Equity Home Loans. A mortgage professional for the past 28 years, I pride myself on putting my clients' needs above everything else. Integrity, communication and hard work are at the backbone of my business. 

As a loan originator I fund loans all over California and have been originating mortgages the whole time from my offices in San Diego. My clients vary from 1st time buyers to veterans and investors to million dollar purchasers (plus everything in between). I have personally funded over $500 million in loan production.

As a manager I take great pride in helping my loan officers build successful careers they can be proud of. The loan originators I work with know they are doing work that helps benefit other people's lives, which in turn makes their lives richer. Everyone on our team works together with one goal in mind... Satisfy the customer, whether that be our borrowers or referral partners. It is imperative to me that I create an office atmosphere that helps each employee reach their potential and allow them to meet and exceed their personal goals. If you are a loan originator looking for the right home to help you be the best you can be then please contact me and let's discuss how I can help you.

With all the challenges that exist within the current mortgage business today, it's more important than ever to have an experienced mortgage professional on your side. Whether you are looking to buy or refinance I am always available to serve you and those you refer to me. Call me today to discuss financing options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, success and experience with you.


Let’s talk! Contact me now


“Buddy was great the whole way through. He took time to explain every detail, responded quickly to all of my questions; even on weekends, and made the paperwork easy to complete. I personally have used Buddy for multiple transactions because I trusted that he could get the job done. I highly recommend him to anyone getting ready to go through the home buying process.”

Charlie S., Borrower

“My wife and I got a friend's referral for Buddy and it was the most wonderfully serendipitous event of our lives! We had been trying to purchase a house for the longest time. Until we started working with Buddy that dream didn't seem possible. Buddy's continuous assurances, optimism, and helpful guidance throughout the process made our purchase easy and stress free. Thank you Buddy for making such a profound and positive impact on our lives. We're forever grateful!”

Alicia and Matt, Borrowers

“Having used Buddy Greene to process the purchase of our home in Vista 5 years ago was such a positive experience that when we sold it this year, and then needed a new mortgage on our current home, Buddy was the first person we turned to. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of these transactions, and gave us many good pointers and good advice as we were considering all the ins and outs of buying another home. To us, the most important thing was finding someone we could trust. We consider him so trustworthy that we sent our own son to him for mortgage advice. Personally, Buddy is easy to work with, explains things simply and thoroughly, and is very available. At the very stressful time of buying and selling a home, Buddy is as good as it gets! ”

Carol Ruiz, Borrower

“I have worked with Buddy since January of 2006. As a manager he is ALWAYS available to help me with my business. He has over 25 years of experience as a loan officer and that experience is extremely valuable to his team. He knows the business "inside-out" and is exceptional at thinking "out of the box" to find a solution for our clients. He also has one of the greatest qualities you can find in a manager and person - he CARES for everyone in his life.”

Clay Chadima, Loan Officer Bay Equity Home Loans

“Buddy and I have worked together for over 8 years now. I have witnessed firsthand while signing documents with his clients, consistent satisfaction and appreciation, for the time Buddy dedicates to handling their transaction. In fact, I have never met a client of Buddy's less than completely satisfied with the care and professionalism he has dedicated to their transaction. This makes me look forward to working with him each time.”

Angie Palmer, Notary

“I've known Buddy professionally and personally for 15 years, and have used his services on many occasions, be it a new loan or a "refi." Buddy's approach and attitude has always been highly professional, courteous and tailored to my individual real-estate needs. He "knows his stuff" very well and is detail-oriented, which I like. He has always responded quickly and clearly to my questions and inquiries. I would strongly recommend his services as a loan officer.”

Paul Chernyshev, Borrower

“I have been working with Buddy Greene for the past 27 years. Buddy is a true professional and goes the extra mile in getting the loan approved and closed on time. Buddy has closed hundreds of loans for my company ranging from first time home buyers to Military families to Jumbo loans. He has an understanding of how to work with each individual client. Whenever I have a problem with financing on one of my transactions he is always the first person that I look to solve the problem. He works hard, evenings and weekends and is always there for my clients. Buddy has more experience and knowledge of the loan business than any lender that I have met in my 30 years in the business. He provides training for my agents and staff on a monthly basis which has helped grow our business. I have personally done many loans with him and continue to refer my family, friends and clients. I highly recommend Buddy Greene and his team to get your loans done in a timely manner.”

Scott Chambless, Broker-Owner RC Realty

“I'd like the opportunity to let people know how incredibly impressed I was working with Buddy Greene during the process of purchasing my dream home last year. I dreaded the inconvenience and confusion of all the legalities of a home loan, but Buddy made it an easy and understanding process. From the first contact, Buddy explained the actions to me in simple terms I could understand which I appreciated. He promptly contacted me via phone and email any time there was an update to share. He always returned my calls (although he usually called me before I even had to call him with a question). I didn't have to constantly dig up documents to fax over; he told me exactly what I would need at the beginning. Everything went through so smoothly and he was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Buddy Greene to my realtor friends who can spread the word, as well as friends looking to buy or refinance a home. Thanks for everything Buddy!”

Jerry Rivas, Borrower

“Buddy and his team are competent professionals who can be counted on to close the deal. From the onset, their level of expertise and customer service sets them apart from their competitors.”

Ash Nasseri, Escrow Officer

“Buddy and his team were able to handle our loan with great care and excellent communication. Buddy explained the loan terms, fees and rates in simple, straight forward language the really helped us buy our home.””

David M, Borrower

“My friends, having just recently purchased their new home and having such great experience in the process, referred me to Bay Equity Home Loans. All throughout my process they were there answering my questions and provided me with all the information that I needed. They made me feel comfortable and made my experience purchasing my first home comforting. I look forward to doing business with them in the future; highly recommended! Thank you everyone at Bay Equity!”

Miguel C, Borrower

“Buddy is the best Loan Officer you'll find. For the last two years that I have been working with him, he has shown a professionalism that is above all others. He is constantly available to answer questions for both myself and my clients at any time. But, it's the extra effort he takes with my borrowers that has helped me to close many difficult purchases. His patience with borrowers has been proven over and over. A recent buyer of mine was contacting Buddy daily (even from overseas!) regarding the current rates and yet Buddy never missed a beat in counselling him. As a former Mortgage broker myself I find that Buddy's experience, patience, attention to detail and professionalism set a standard that few can match! He is my "Go To" guy with any type of loan need that comes across my desk!”

Bill Green, Realtor RC Realty

“Buddy Greene is my supervisor and mentor and has been for the past 8 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and always a top producer. I can truly say he has made a tremendous impact on the way I originate and on my production. He is wise and patient with all of the loan officers he oversees and he is always welcoming for questions or advice. I’m baffled as to how he is able to be so exceptionally productive with all his transactions amidst distractions from all of us loan officers seeking his guidance. He inspires me to be the best I can be without relying on complacency. He pointed me in the right direction with his teachings which enabled me to expect more and to reach for higher goals. I wish all Loan officers are as fortunate as me to have such an excellent leader as Buddy who leads by example and inspires motivation and success.”

Suha Gibson, Loan Officer Bay Equity Home Loans

“In my 25 years in Real Estate I’ve had the opportunity to work with many lenders and Buddy Greene has been my lender of choice almost exclusively for the past decade. Whether it is pre-approving my Buyers to strengthen their offers or cross-qualifying a Buyer for my Sellers, we can go to escrow with confidence the transaction will close. Buddy always has the pulse of the market, his experience and knowledge of the ever changing financial world enables him to match my Buyers with the best loan for them and at competitive terms. Buddy has been and will continue to be a vital part of my team of affiliates that helps make all of my Real Estate transactions successful.”

David "Opportunity" Knox, Realtor RC Realty

“I have known Buddy for over 10 years. I refer my clients to him because he offers them superior service, takes the time to go over every detail in the transaction, straight forward communication during and after the transaction, answers your calls, gets loan approved and closes the transaction. He is a true professional that I can count on always; trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

Bibiana Rico, Realtor Re/Max United