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Let’s talk! Contact me now

Dean Hayes

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Burlington Branch
120 East George Hopper Road, Suite 112
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Dean Hayes

Area Sales Manager

Most biographies talk about the person and all of their accomplishments. But what you really want to know is "How can you help me?"

The mortgage process can seem overwhelming and sometimes even scary. The number one thing that my clients say is most important to them is good communication. That’s why I’ve always taken the time to explain the mortgage process, set proper expectations and – most importantly – listen to what they have to say about their needs.

No one person can do it all. And that’s why I've put together the most amazing team to support me – and when you work with me, you have my whole team supporting you, too. With over 53 years of experience in the mortgage industry, my team and I are well poised to ensure the process is as streamlined as possible, while efficiently dealing with the challenges that can come up during the mortgage process.

I am a 4th generation resident of Skagit County; in fact, I went to the same school that my grandparents did. I then graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Business Administration and Computer Science, and I continue to live in the same town with my wife and twin boys in which I was raised.

Whether you are a buying your first home, upgrading to your dream home, or looking to restructure through a refinance, my team and I are here to help you.

Let me know if you should have any questions. 

“Dean and his staff were extremely helpful in providing us with financing for the purchase of our retirement home. There are numerous steps to the pre qualification and loan application process, and Dean was able to get us through all of that smoothly. I had many specific questions about the best finance strategy given the timing of our pending move, and I feel that Dean structured our mortgage in an optimal way given our unique situation that resulted int he lowest overall cost to us. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a real estate purchase in this unusual market.”

Mike M.

“We have worked with Dean and his office for 3 transactions now. Every time they have been thorough and very helpful. Dean and his crew are friendly and have high integrity. I would recommend him to anyone looking to finance their new home.”

Ben and Pam D.

“Dean and his team helped me refinance my home and eliminate some other debts. I am self-employed, so establishing actual income required extra info. Dean's team walked me through the whole process.”

Guy C.

“Working with Dean was a pleasure. He was very insightful and knowledgeable. The team of people he has working for him made the process less stressful.”

Tyler M.

“Extremely professional yet caring. I would highly recommend Dean and his associates to anyone. This was the easiest mortgage dealing I have ever experienced. They were prompt, thorough, patient, and most of all, extremely knowledgeable.”

Patty Q.

“Dean's office staff is very friendly and helpful. They were there with us all the way through the process of purchasing our new home. I would recommend their service in purchasing a new home. Thank you.”

Sheri P.

“Dean and his team at Bay Equity were "rock stars" in helping us to get our home with a view! Dean provided the plan, the office team collected all the required documents and they kept us up to date with the progress of the loan all along up until closing. I would highly recommend Dean Hayes to take care of your loan needs!!!!”

Pam V.

“Dean Hayes and his team of professionals provided excellent service in the purchase of our home. While facilitating a home purchase with a very low loan rate, they also kept us constantly appraised of the whole buying process from beginning to end, which included ** Video explaining the Home Purchase Process. ** Video explaining the individual Underwriter Process. && Flow Diagram depicting the Total Home Purchase Process and where the process stood therein via continuous updates.”

Chuck F.

“Dean was highly recommended by my personal financial adviser when I mentioned that my wife and I were looking to buy our first home. Dean and his team delivered exceptional work from start to finish. Initially, the whole loan approval and borrowing process can seem daunting but our experience was quite the opposite. We especially liked the way in which the loan options were presented to us and found a lot of value in the analysis Dean did to help us decide on a loan structure that fit our needs. It takes considerable work on the part of the borrower no matter who your lender is but Dean guided us well and kept us on track to close on time.”

Tom S.

“Being a first-time home buyer Dean helped me every step of the way. Dean made it so easy to get my house. If I'm interested in buying a second home I definitely will go back to him.”

Dan G.

“My wife and I have been working with Dean for almost 12 years now. Dean is a very knowledgeable individual that consistently gives it his all when finding the best deals possible for any of our needs. We have continued to use Dean's services over the years because he is truly the most honest person in real estate we have met and always makes you feel like you are part of his family. Our trust in Dean in finding the best rates means we will always recommend him to our family and friends as well as utilize him for years to come.”

Kirk & Crystal C.

“Dean is a wonderful guy that is extremely professional and also very understanding to a person's needs and their financial situation. He helped me a lot on understanding what I need to do in order to successfully buy my first home without any stress whatsoever. He did an amazing job on explaining the political spectrum side of things with patients and diligence. Thanks for all the great work Dean Hayes!!!”

Cody F.

“Have had the pleasure of working with Dean since 2004 and was helpful in all transactions that I had with him. Though he had/has a busy schedule he took the time to sit down with me and discuss all the best options available and guide me through the process to everyone's satisfaction. I would recommend Dean to anyone looking for a real estate professional to handle all their mortgage needs. He treats his customers more like family and looks out for their best interest. It is a quality that is rare to find these days.”

Marilyn E.

“Dean spent four to five days driving us all over the countryside to find the home we wanted. When we decided on one he helped us through all of the paper work until everything was completed. Easy to work with! Honest in his dealings with us!”

Dewey & Margaret B.

“We bought our first and second homes with Dean as our Loan Professional. He was very helpful, answered all of our questions and walked us through the process which was pretty daunting at first. Dean was great to work with and he even joined us at the start of our signing for our first home, despite having a lot of other things he needed to do. We have been very grateful for the time and effort Dean put into our first home.”

Chad & Carri W.

“Dean was great in getting the process done in a highly professional manner. I would highly recommend him for all your needs! We had tried other financial institutions for a loan but they kept requiring the same information over and over again. Then delay and delay. I got tired of that and went to Dean, the loan process with him went very smoothly. Once I submitted the required paper work, there was no repeating the papers required. Again, very professional!!!”

Marc P.

“Dean is amazing! This was my first home so I felt a little overwhelmed at times, but Dean made everything so easy. He answered all of my questions, even ones I didn't know I had. Dean made all of the steps of buying a home go incredibly smoothly. I couldn't be more happy with the whole experience!”

Julia V.

“I almost didn't get my house and this was the second I was going to lose. Dean and his team helped me way more than required. They helped me get my house.”

Joan F.

“Dean is one of the best Mortgage guys I have ever worked with. He holds your hand through the entire process and does a great job of helping you understand all of the in's and out's of a very confusing process. I would not hesitate to recommend Dean.”

Rachael W.

“Dean did an outstanding job helping us secure and complete our mortgage process in 2012. As a former Arizona Realtor and multiple property owner I have done scads of mortgage deals. Ours was an extremely challenging one. Dean came highly recommended by my Banker and he is the only person I will use in the future. You won't be sorry if you choose him to do your loan. ”

Dave and Judy M.

“Mr. Dean Hayes and his whole crew were very helpful especially Andrew who came with some good ideas to help with my VA loan. Thanks to everyone at the Burlington Wa. Bay Equity.”

Richard B.

“I highly recommend Dean Hayes, my older brother and myself both went through him. Great, friendly, fast, knowledgeable! I will go through him again in the future.”

Desirae C.

“I've had several mortgages and refi's with Dean, all have gone exceptionally well. The first one after the new rules and paperwork due to the bank credit crisis went so much better than I had heard about from others because of Dean and those that work with him. I've referred him to others. At times he's turned me down because he recognizes others may serve my needs better. Integrity is why I go to him first.”

George K.

“From start to finish my experience was the best possible. Every step of the way Dean and his team were there to answer my questions and support me with whatever I needed. Every document was explained to me prior to my signing and as a first time home buyer this was very important. I would highly recommend Dean and his team.”

Kristen G.

“Mr. Dean Hayes and Team, We just wanted to thank you and express our sincere gratitude to everyone that worked to get us our dream home. We know that everyone worked long hours. They certainly went above and beyond the call of duty! You TRULY care about the people, you all showed great effort in getting us this home. Your kindness will be rewarded by God ALMIGHTY! We will recommend Bay Equity for anyone wanting to purchase their dream home. ”

Ron and Janet Meyer

“Dean at (Bay Equity), he’s great. He was working with me even after the purchase. I can’t recommend him enough to anybody! (See Video)”

James Mustoe