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“Dear Roger, I want to thank you personally for the guidance you provided every step of the way in my home purchasing experience just a few months ago. This was a very exciting time for me and to have your support made all the difference. You provided exceptional customer service in your availability and your experience. What I valued the most was that you provided me with options. Your experience made me see all the available options that were out there at every step of the way. Thank you for your honest and clear communication. I also valued your ability to be thorough. Whenever you needed something you let me know. You also provided an explanation along the way which helped me understand the reason for things. I hope to continue my professional relationship with you and Bay Equity Home Loans in the near future.”

– Amir G.

“Roger Farah and Bay Equity are true professionals. They went the extra mile to get our escrow to close. During our escrow, there was a problem scheduling an appraisal. None of the appraisers wanted to do the appraisal for the standard fee. Roger and Bay Equity stepped up and paid the extra amount of fee to get the appraisal done. There was also a problem with the appraisal being filled out correctly and completely. Roger and Bay Equity's manager contacted the appraiser's manager and got the report completed. Roger also contacted the listing agent and explained the delays to her. The escrow did close and our daughter and her family are proud first time home buyers. We appreciate Roger and Bay Equity for their help and service during the purchase of our daughter's first home. We would recommend Roger and Bay Equity for any of our friends and family. ”

– Anna & George S.

“The process of purchasing a home is overwhelming. Roger Farah was always available to explain the process and answer questions. We were able to close in a timely less stressful manner. Thank you!”

– Margo J.

“We first worked with Roger several years ago in the purchase of our first home. We went back to him a few years later to assist us in refinancing our loan. Most recently, Roger helped us with the financing of our dream home. We keep coming back to Roger because of his knowledge and expertise as a mortgage broker. We can count on Roger to look out for our interests and to present us with the best options available.”

– Robert & Verna M.

“I am incredibly grateful for Roger and his team and their incredibly persistent tenacity, passion and care for me as a customer, and our home purchase as a transaction. His attention to detail, and desire to help us secure the home of our dreams was way beyond expectations. We wholly endorse working with Roger and his team.”

– Jesse J.

“My husband and I were overwhelmed with thoughts of trying to consolidate our credit card debt. I am in the dental field and was introduced to Roger from a patient. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed. Roger helped us refinance our home loan and managed to save us a bunch of money each month. Roger was also able to help us save money with the "Loans to Heroes" program because I am in the medical field. We are really impressed with Roger's patience and professionalism, most of all I felt as if I was a family member and he was doing what was best for us. Thank you again for all your help.”

– Andrea & Phil A.

“We have just completed our fourth (or fifth loan) with Roger Farah. We are very grateful to have had Roger in our corner for all of our mortgage needs. We actually hunted Roger down when he moved to Bay Equity some years ago; which was a smart hire on Bay Equity's part. I think that it speaks volumes to know that we have chosen to go back to Roger each time we have had a mortgage or refinance need over the past eleven years or so. Roger is able to make what seems to be the impossible, possible. His knowledge, creativity, tenacity, professionalism and ability to keep us calmly informed, in a way that the average person can understand, is unsurpassed. While our current loan presented some quick stepping to bring it together, it was nothing compared to the loan package Roger brought together for us the last time. Three years ago Roger finessed a loan for our self-employed marginal income son, who only had an excellent credit rating in his plus column, trying to purchase a short-sale home in southern California. With us co-signing, Roger was able to make our son's dream of being a homeowner come true and now that house is worth over twice what our son paid for it. A millennial owning a home in L.A., with a substantial equity, is all credit to Roger's tenacity, skill and knowledge of the loan industry. Thank you Roger, and Bay Equity, for all your help in taking care of our loan needs. Given our track record, we will be back. ”

– Willard and Carol A.

“Roger was amazing to work with, he is very organized and has great communication skills. He was happy to work around my schedule and I have already made some referrals!”

– Elece H.

“Roger was very helpful through the entire refinance process. He answered every question I had and made sure I understood the process as we went along. I highly recommend Bay Equity Home Loans.”

– Jennifer O.

“Very pleased with the way Roger handled our refinance and how smooth he made it. A solid professional that knows how to get the job done.”

– Michael T.

“Ignacio and I want to thank you again for all your help in the re-fi of our home. While it was pretty stressful at times with timelines & expectations, you made the whole process happen and now we are in a good position to go into the next phase of our lives... retirement! <br> We are grateful for your expertise and knowledge of this business, and wish you success both in your business and in your new married life.”

– Hortensia S.

“Thank you to everyone that helped us along the way. We're excited to move into our new home! Special shout outs to Roger and Jill for your work to make this happen.”

– Josh and Valerie

“We did it, Roger! We are in! Thanks Roger, we could not have done it without your help. It's amazing how everything fell together and all worked out. I honestly believe we wouldn't have had a chance if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much.”

– Brandon

“We recently bought our home this month with Bay Equity as our loan company. And all throughout our home buying period, we never experienced any problems with Bay Equity. They were actually outstanding! Great customer service, really fast turnaround time, very professional people! They delivered as promised. They actually exceeded our expectations. THANKS, BAY EQUITY!”

– Melissa L.

Roger Farah

Roger Farah
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