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“Troy and his team were friendly and very helpful getting us our loan. Everything was exceptionally well prepared and easily accessible via email. I couldn't believe how easy he made it seem with his vast knowledge on how the system works! I recommend him to many of my friends and will continue to do so for many years! Thank you Troy for our wonderful home!”

– David M.

“I have to say I've never worked with someone as quick and professional as Troy. When I told him something I didn't need to explain, he got what I was saying right away. He was with us every step of the way via phone, text, and/or email. Not once did he overlook a detail or not keep his word on letting me know exactly how things were going with our house purchase. He was the most helpful and knowledgeable lender I've worked with.”

– Jeanne & Robert S.

“Troy was a huge help in an unfortunate and frustrating experience. Troy and his team secured a refinance loan for me to buy my dad's house that had a reverse mortgage. My dad suddenly passed away in July and wanted his house that he designed and built himself to stay in the family. In order to do so I would need to take out a loan and payoff his reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage company was an absolute nightmare to deal with and took three months just to get us an exact payoff amount in order to payoff and buy the house. During this time Troy and his team was very patient, clear and professional and once the payoff amount was received, the loan was secured and the house closed immediately, and my father's house is now mine and staying in the family. Thanks to Troy and his excellent team!!”

– Brandon B.

“Troy was professional, responsive and a good communicator at every turn - I feel like I have a life-long resource for my house lending needs, and I will always call him first.”

– Richard G.

“I would rate Troy and Lisa Wardlow a 5/5. They are a amazing team. I came to them after a transaction fell apart and within 30 days we had the conventional loan with state down payment assistance approved. He has saved me thousands of dollars and time with his knowledge and expertise. I will use Troy for all my transactions in the near future, he is ethical and honest in his business. Highly recommended him to anyone looking for a solid MLO who knows his business and how to get the deal through.”

– Jaclyn S.

“We recently bought our home this month with Bay Equity as our loan company. And all throughout our home buying period, we never experienced any problems with Bay Equity. They were actually outstanding! Great customer service, really fast turnaround time, very professional people! They delivered as promised. They actually exceeded our expectations. THANKS, BAY EQUITY!”

– Melissa L.

Troy Wardlow

Troy Wardlow


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