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July 17, 2017
Adding up the costs when selling

According to a recent study by Zillow the price of selling a home is about $15 000.

It costs to sell? But isn’t selling about making money?

Sellers often forget there’s also going to be money going out for little things like staging painting landscaping and cleaning. Then there are the big chunks such as your real estate agent’s fee and the closing costs.

Since 63 percent of today’s sellers have never sold before as you can see the “price of selling” can...

April 14, 2017
Homeownership: Your savings lifeline

With home prices rising to all-time highs many potential buyers imagine drowning in a sea of monthly payments for many many years.

You’ve heard it before: naysayers and their tales of home-buying gone wrong.

“If the down payment doesn’t get you well the property taxes maintenance and insurance surely will.”

— Naysayer

These so-called “savvy” investors say renters who dutifully put all money not spent on housing into stable investments—like mutual funds—may get a greater rate of return.

After a housing bust that...

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